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15 Photogenic Yoga Poses & Tips for Better Instagram Pictures

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poses for better pictures

Most of us have done it — we find ourselves somewhere magical and beautiful and think, OMG this would be the perfect place to snap some gorgeous yoga pictures! It’s easy to strike a pose and set your camera on auto timer —  but there’s so much more to your next Instagram post than a pretty picture.  It’s important to always think of your Instagram, or any other social platform you use, as a reflection of your “personal brand,” especially if you are a practicing teacher and you use social media to communicate with potential students/clients (and if you don’t… you should really think about starting!). A few things to keep in mind before even striking a pose are:

  • Lighting. It can make or break your photo. If you don’t have a professional camera, good lighting does wonders. Aim for sunlight shining from behind the camera rather than coming from behind you, unless you are aiming for a sunset silhouette photo, which is an entirely different beast altogether. If it’s overcast, that’s even better; overcast softens harsh shadows that direct sunlight can cast on your face.
  • Variety. Use the nature around you to your advantage! Rocks, trees, the backdrop…anything that can make your photo more dynamic. See the rule of thirds to help you with this.
  •  Objective. Before you even take the photo, identify what purpose you’re aiming to achieve. Joy, gratitude, awe, strength? Does your facial expression convey the same emotion as your pose? Use your caption to drive home your intention as well

As for the poses themselves, there’s plenty to choose from, such as headstands or lunges, but the problem is choosing one that complements your surroundings. Take corpse pose for example. It’s one of my favorites, but it’s not a pose I find particularly eye-catching on camera.

So what poses will translate into good photos? Flow with what you know best, but if you need a little inspiration, check out these 15 poses below!



1. Handstand


Handstands (and all inversions, really) feels and looks rewarding. Great for demonstrating strength and focus.


2. Lotus

lotus pose

The simplicity of lotus pose creates peaceful, tranquil and effortless opportunities for photography.


3. Warrior 2

warrior 2

As with most of the basic poses, stretching into warrior 2 feels comfortable, and looks powerful. It’s quick, straightforward and easy to capture in a hurry.


4. Tiger Pose

tiger pose

Tiger pose works well with a lower angle to capture your silhouette amongst the landscape in your background.


5. Crane Pose

crane pose

Crane pose is one of those gravity-defying poses that just looks graceful!


6. King Pigeon Pose

king pigeon pose

King pigeon looks phenomenal from every angle, and you can find creative uses for your hands as well.


7. Shoulder Stand


Just like handstands, shoulder stands are delicious for their unique photo-appeal.


8. Extended Side Angle Pose

extended side angle

Extended side angle poses are nice in that they allow you to open up your body and take up space. It’s considerably more eye-catching in settings that are simpler or minimalistic.


9. Tree Pose

tree pose

Stand tall, breathe in and relax for photos in tree pose. Tree pose is another one of those power poses that really catches the eye.


10. Dancer

dancer pose

Dancer pose is probably one of the most notable poses among Instagram stars. The way it allows your body to balance and open up at the same time creates really mesmerizing photos.


11. Boat Pose

boat pose

Boat pose is another one that’s quick to get into if you’re hiking on the go or moving from one spot to another.


12. Wheel Pose

wheel pose

As you can see, wheel pose is great for long distance shots.


13. Splits


Splits lengthen your body and can be very versatile. Convey a variety of emotions, like the one above: so playful!


14. Triangle Pose

triangle pose

Open up to the world in triangle pose, which looks both delicate and powerful at the same time.


15. Eagle Pose


Eagle pose not only looks lovely, but depending on the angle and composition, can make for an expressive shot and stunning illusion.

Try these poses out and take to Instagram to let us know how they turn out! You can find us at @yoga_lifestyles, where we post users just like y ou every day. Tag us for a chance to be featured on our page! on Instagram and tag us for a chance to be featured.

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