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12 Signs that Tell the World You’re a Yogi

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Let me guess…..

You’ve recently started doing yoga and things are starting to get weird. Like weird in the sense that the world is shifting – people are kinder, the world is brighter, your priorities are smarter, and your body is physically lighter.
Don’t worry, this is real life, you’re not going to wake up from a dream. You’re legitimately uncovering and dusting off your beautiful self… with each posture you create and breath you take, you’re slowly coming home.

You might be thinking, home where? I already have a home, and I don’t plan on going anywhere.

The answer is – home to yourself.

Yoga is the process of uniting your body, mind and spirit so that you can be whole again.

Simple as that!

allie flavio yogi

And as you continue to journey through your yoga experience, the weird stuff will continue to unfold. But don’t worry – you’re not alone in this journey. Yogis all over the world, regardless of location, share in this common practice of coming home. So how can you spot another yogi? And are you technically considered a yogi? What defines a yogi, anyway?

Don’t fret.

Below are 12 signs that tell the world – “I’m a Yogi!”

1. A yoga mat is always in your car.

Just like a bikini is on-call during the summer, your yoga mat is on-call for life.
Whether you use it every day or sporadically here and there, your yoga mat is a must-have accessory.
And if you’re a total yoga maven, you might own more than one mat, because let’s be honest – yogis need different colors and patterns!

2. You prefer leggings over normal clothes.

If life were up to yogis, we’d wear leggings for every moment – errands, chores, out with friends, to sleep, to workout, to social gatherings, to work and of course to practice yoga in.
And don’t even attempt to ask a yogi… Do you really need another pair leggings? Because the answer will always be YES!

Allie flavio


3. You walk around barefoot.

Whether you’re at work, outside, or inside – no shoes is the preferred choice.
…Unless your Birkenstocks are nearby!

4. You enjoy sweating in a room full of people.

What most people would deem disgusting, yogis actually appreciate!

Just picture this….

A heated room + awesome tunes + 50 moving, breathing, consciously awake yogis = absolute perfection!

5. You randomly stretch.

And by a randomly stretch, we mean you stretch everywhere and anywhere! Gone are the days of holding back, now yogis are shape shifting into handstands, backbends, and down dogs all over the place.
And not just because you want the opportune photo, but because it feels SO GOOD!




6. You view the world as the glass half full.

You’re one of those people – the person who finds the silver lining, who can flip the bad to the good, and who always sees the positive.

….Even when the positive is barely visible.

Yup, that’s you yogi, and please don’t ever stop living this way!

7. You bend, you don’t break.

shell key yoga

Obviously, you’re flexible – your toes touch your head and hands touch your toes, we get it. But yogis are more than that.
Yogis learn, through making shapes and space, how to bend when times are tough, how to soften when life is hard, how to surrender instead of fight, and how to live wholeheartedly #everydamnday!
That’s the secret to yoga, it tones your entire being, not just the physical!

8. You don’t take negativity from others.

While you can bend to great depths, you also recognize that every situation has an edge, a breaking point, a final moment. And not only do you recognize, but you act!
Yogis take physical action to create movement within their lives… just like the meditation goes:

Inhale the good shit.
Exhale the bullshit.

9. Your social media handle has the word yoga in it.

This sign is an instant LOL moment, because you know it’s too true! Whether it’s your website name, social media handle, or how you introduce yourself – yogis love to be known as yogis.

10. Your social media page consists of yoga, yoga and more yoga.

Gone are the days of posting pet/food/boyfriend/kids/or anything not related to yoga. Your account is now strictly confined to yoga postures, yoga memes, and yoga quotes. It’s a strict yoga only policy, minus the few slip-ups here and there!

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11. You spend your Sunday’s at yoga, not at brunch.

Mimosa anyone?

No way – I’m going to a Sunday morning flow, not a chance you’ll find me at brunch!

Let’s be honest, yogis still love a great cocktail, but after practice, never before (unless you have yogi super powers).

yoga on the mat


12. You trade your necklaces for mala beads.

Last week you didn’t know what a mala was, this week it’s the only piece of jewelry you wear!

Not only do the beads hold magical healing powers, but they’re also extremely cute! And the options are literally endless, which means you have enough yogi jewelry for a lifetime.

You can find really cool Mala Bracelets in

So yogis – do any of those signs sound familiar?

We know they instantly bring a big smile to our faces, so please share if they also bring a smile to your face! And never forget, there’re yogis all over the world to practice alongside with, to dive deeper into the studies, to uncover the craziness of life or to simply snap a yoga photo with!

So get out there, find a yogi friend and continue being an amazing yogi!

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