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10 Yoga Poses for Better Sex

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Yoga’s asanas (poses) are a great way to build strength, flexibility, and enhance the mind-body connection. Sex is an excellent way to have a mind-body connection with another, work the body, and release all those feel-good hormones our body’s love. Combining asanas and intimacy can result in a passion-charged, mind-blowing experience, where you connect with both yourself and partner simultaneously.

Moreover, doing yoga together can increase your intimate bond, as well as improve your overall emotional well-being. It promotes mindfulness, which is shown to improve anxiety and reduce stress. It trains your mind to stay in the moment, rather than racing off to the past or future. Be in the moment together to enjoy yoga and improve your sexual experience, and to further increase your connection, consider exploring Tantric methods which helps synchronize your breathing and enhance pleasure. Here are 10 yoga poses to boost your sexual experience into a new realm of pleasure.

Before You Start

Begin your yoga practice with a 3-5 minute quiet meditation sitting with the head, neck, and spine aligned, breathing mindfully, quitting the mind, and grounding yourself to this moment. Remember that yoga is your practice first, so do the poses to your ability and don’t worry too much about how it looks.  End your yoga session with a few minutes in savasana or the corpse pose to relax completely and let all of life’s stress go.


1. Cat/Cow Stretch

yoga-poses-for-sex-cow yoga-poses-for-sex-cat

This is an excellent stretch for positions like Mare’s Position, the Quickie, and any position where the back is arched. It works the kegel muscles for an awesome contraction when having an orgasm and the ability to give your mate the most intimate squeeze.


2. Cobra


This helps release your love energy from the heart chakra, and builds energy. It’s a good stretch Kama’s Wheel or Birds Fly Back on Back. Positions that need flexibility and strength in the back.


3. Wide-Legged Forward Fold


It improves blood flow to the pelvic area (where you want it during sex), increases energy, vitality, and stretches the inner leg. An excellent way to prepare for the Yawning Position with the legs up and stretched out wide, as well as other positions with the legs wide.


4. Downward- Facing Dog


Not only is this pose a great way to build strength and flexibility, it in itself is a fun sexual position.  It’s good preparation for Rabbit Grooming, Tiger Step, Congress of a Cow Position, and Late Spring Donkey.


5. Lizard Pose



An excellent pose for a hip opener, stretch the shoulders, and a spinal twist. It also builds invigorating energy and releases toxins in the joints and spine. All good things to prepare for the Encircling Position and other spine twisting and legs open positions.


6. Child’s Pose


The closer you can move the butt to your heels and the further you reach out your arms, the better the stretch is for the spine and shoulders. A good way to prepare for Pressed- and Half-Pressed Position, Variant Yawning, and Wife of Indra Positions.


7. Pigeon Pose


A super hip opener and relieves tension in the shoulders, hips, and back. It also releases energy from the heart and invigorates the spine and hips.  Nice preparation for Splitting of Bamboo and Lotus-Like Position.


8. Bridge Pose


A stretch for the shoulders, works the back muscles, and another kegel workout. It’s excellent for Tail of the Ostrich and Ape Positions.


9. Tree Pose


Tree in any position you choose will help bring balance, focus, and mindfulness to slow life down a little.  It also builds strength for standing positions like Supported Congress.


10. Plow Pose



A more advanced yoga pose that alleviates daily stress, builds muscles in the back and legs, and helps one connect with their body. It’s also reported to be an aphrodisiac posture. Plow is good preparation for Silkworm Spinning a Cocoon and Crab’s Positions.

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