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10 Surprisingly Flexible Yoga Animals

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Who says yoga is only for humans? We don’t discriminate! These 10 yoga animals will show you how nail each of these poses.

1. Corpse pose

yoga dog

This dog may or may not be asking for a belly rub, but he’s also really good at corpse pose!


2. Boat pose

yoga bear

Could you imagine being in class next to this guy?


3. Cobra pose

yoga turtle

Look at that form- flawless.


4. Spinal twist

yoga fox

You can tell she’s really been working on her form lately. 🙂


5. Lotus

yoga lemur



6. Triangle

yoga penguin

Although his friend doesn’t look impressed, we sure are.


7. Pigeon pose

yoga cat

This cat has pigeon pose down … but perhaps it should consider checking out this article about yoga poses that burn stubborn belly fat.


8. Chaturanga 

yoga monkey

It’s not quite Chaturanga, but it is pretty cute.


9. Downward Dog (literally)


If you know someone looking for Downward Dog tips, go ahead and send them this link.


10. Embryo pose


Some of these yoga animals could probably teach a class or two.

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