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10 Reasons Why Yoga Makes You a Happier Person

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10 reasons yogis are so damn happy

If you browse through Instagram or visit a vinyasa class, you will see a lot of happy people who love doing yoga. This is due to the fact that practicing yoga helps people to integrate into everyday life on the spiritual, intellectual and emotional level. The secret of yogis’ happiness lies in the fact that they love to exercise and will always find a place to do so under any circumstances. And, it comes as no surprise that we identified 10 major reasons why they manage to achieve happiness and bliss:

1. Yoga Practitioners Move a Lot

People who do yoga actually move more than others. All their movements, regardless of whether they have to do with exercises or everyday life are always somewhat playful and very light, which contributes to their well-being.

Yoga people move a lot

2. They feel integrity

Through the practice of yoga, one can fill in the gaps in life and personality, as well as give up bad habits. If you adopt a variety of exercise routines, it will be easy to notice how well they assist in handling problems and nuisances. And yoga practice definitely works much better than alcohol, cigarettes, junk food or other similar things.

Yoga people feel integrity

3. Yogi’s know how to breathe properly

Every practicing yogi knows how to breathe the right way and they do it all the time, regardless of whether it is behind the wheel of a car, sitting at work or during an exercise. Most of people are simply unable to do that, and therefore the ability to breathe properly is one of the greatest gifts for yoga practitioners.


4. They have good and balanced relationships

The effects of yoga help to heal the body and have a positive effect on relationships. Through practice every yogi becomes more open and honest with people, from relatives and friends to all the people around him/her.

Yoga people have good and balanced relationships

5. Yogis Let Go of What They Don’t Need

Thanks to the exercises on the mat, we realize now how stubbornness interferes with our daily life. For this reason, any thoughts, opinions, habits or persons that do no good for us should be just let go while we should move on.


6. They like, accept, and perfectly know their body, both outside and inside

Each yoga practitioner has a deep sense of awareness of his/her own body. These people can acknowledge the diseases, using the positions to work on them. They are constantly developing strength and control of the body and senses.

Yogis like, accept, and perfectly know their body, both outside and inside

7. Yoga Practitioners Eat to Live

People who do yoga do not try to create a cult of food but are simple wishing to consume only natural and healthy products. They eat to live, choosing only such foods that have a positive effect on the body.

Eat to live

8. They do not limit creative energy

It does not matter for a yogi if he/she is working, resting, exercising, or being engaged in other matters. These people set a quite clear connection between the heart and mind to be creative in all areas of life.

Yogis have a lot of energy

9.People Who Do Yoga Sleep Well

Yogi’s can receive a powerful energy boost through exercises. The key positions ensure a peace of mind and a good rest. But the people who do yoga do not abandon sleep, especially a healthy one, since it is essential for everyone.

Yogis sleep well

10. They Are Very Flexible

Owing to the perceptions described in the 9 points above, yogis have very strong bones and are very flexible. This is achieved through long practice and allows yogis to be fully functional, and even elegant and graceful.


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