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Break out of the Studio: 10 Beautiful Places to do Yoga in the US

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Break out of the Studio: 10 Beautiful Places to do Yoga in the US

While the lingering scent of barbecue and fizz of sparklers may already be a distant memory from this year’s Fourth of July celebration, you may be dragging your feet to your favorite studio to detox from the festivities. But with the days of summer disappearing faster honeybees, than why waste the sunshine by keeping yourself cooped up in a studio? You can find breathtaking spots all over the country that make perfect backdrops for clearing your mind and unrolling your yoga mat in lieu of a beach towel. Between the array of sparkling shorelines, snow-capped mountains and vibrant deserts, you’re sure to find a spot among these 10 that will cleanse your chakras. Stay for a day, backpack for a week, or map out a road trip to visit these beautiful places to do yoga in the US.

1. Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

lake tahoelake tahoe yoga

When it comes to Lake Tahoe, many local will tell you to “live in the the North and play in the South.” And it’s true, beachgoers flock to the South shores of Lake Tahoe in the summertime, and you can find activities such as boating, jet skiing and sunrise fishing excursions. Take a drive around the entire Lake and find your zen next to this beautiful freshwater lake that happens to be one of the largest alpine lake in North America.


2. Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

sand dunes coloradomichaeldeyoungphotography

Become a master of the elements among The Great Sand Dunes, which are the tallest in North America and provide an array of different landscapes like wetlands, forests, mountains and tundra.


3. Northern Lights, Alaska

northern lights yoganorthern lights

The Northern Lights in Alaska are home of the most spectacular auroras in America. The bright green, blue and purple particles create breathtaking shows that are best seen from September all the way into April.


4. Victoria Beach, California

victoria beach yogavictoria beach

California is world-famous for it’s outstanding weather and miles and miles of shorelines and cascading cliffs The pristine sands of Victoria Beach are no exception, and you’ll feel extremely secluded and guarded by rocks and cliffs on both sides. Let the soft crash of waves take you to a new level of sublime meditation.


5. Lake Powell, Arizona

lakepowellLake Powell Dam yoga

Located in Northern Arizona, Lake Powell is connected to the Colorado River and provides endless sunshine and warm water. Arizona’s dry heat is perfect for hiking through, and the natural rock formations will inspire stunning poses and photos to go with them!


6. Key West, Florida

keywestkey west

Key West is the Southernmost point of the United States and a favorite tourist destination. The island, which is home to some of the most diverse marine life in the world, welcomes the opportunity for yoga on one of their many beaches or piers.


7. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 

grandtetongrand teton

It’s easy to fawn over beautiful beaches lining the coast, but Wyoming is truly a secret beauty in United States. Grand Teton National Park is extremely secluded, peaceful and quiet — which is perfect for meditating.


8. Canyonlands National Park, Utah 

utah yogacanyonlands

Utah’s backdrop of mountains stretch accross the skyline like a natural metropolis, and here you’ll realize just how small you are compared to these ancient formations. The orange, red and brown tones of ancient rock and Earth make for amazing pictures, too!


9. Oahu, Hawaii

oahu yogaoahu hawaii

The island of Oahu is in the heart of Hawaii and home to the state’s capital, Honolulu. Its beaches, mountains and city life create a balance of nature and civilization so after stretching in the peaks or by the ocean, yogis can grab a bite to eat in town.


10. Maroon Bells, Colorado 

maroonbellsmaroon bells

This reflective lake has been through more than 300 million years of sedimentation and geological processes. Everywhere you look, you’ll find vibrant scenery in more shades of green than you can count.


How many of these gorgeous places can you check off your list?

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