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10 Yoga and Acro Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

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While it is the norm to post selfies and the latest decadent dish on Instagram, these asana pros are inspiring us with their blissful IG accounts to unroll our mat, zen out and chant away our stress. 

Whether you are looking for a new challenge or just in need of some major #YogaInspiration, these instagram-famous yogis and acro yogis will make a great addition to your Instagram feed!


1. Miranda + Ryan- @acrobuddhas

AcroYoga is an art form and the key to excelling is consistency, which is why followers love Miranda + Ryan. They know they are committed to daily practice and that they will post instructive photos every single day as well as encourage community through their events.


2. Chris Moulton-@acro_calisthenics

Beautiful beach side photos with a sunny attitude to match, ‘grammers have flocked to Moulton for his ability to make even the most difficult poses look beginner friendly.


3. Brian Miller- @brianmilleryoga

Miller has gained a loyal following due to his nonsense attitude when teaching his followers difficult sequences all while remaining as a positive source of encouragement.


4. Kathryn Budig- @kathrynbudig

Budig is a triple threat- philanthropist, yoga teacher and acclaimed fitness writer.  Students of hers get the best of both worlds as they can perfect their yoga techniques and journey along with Budig as she goes from coast to coast.


5. James- @yogi_james

Proving the yoga isn’t just for the ladies, James’ post shows followers that flexibility doesn’t have to be a barrier for male yogis.


6. Honza & Claudine Lafond- @yogabeyond

Known for their truly unbelievable AcroYoga photos in exotic locations, fans of this power couple get to travel the world without leaving their yoga mat.


7. Jon Rea- @acrowithjohn

Rea flawlessly combines traditional AcroYoga holds with new fun variations to give followers new and inspiring workouts.


8. Max Lowenstein + Liz Kong- @maxandlizacro

This vegan duo’s photos are fun and playful and with their great attention to detail and appreciate of AcroYoga this is one account every yogi should follow.


9. DJ Townsel – @Dade2Shelby

DJ’s is unique in the sense that he was a former NFL player, and originally sought out yoga to prevent injury from football. Now, he’s the self-proclaimed #rastayogi and travels the globe sharing insight on yoga and taking phenomenal photos! He also did an amazing acro tutorial for us earlier this year, which you can find here.


10. Jordan Randall- @jordothegreat

With an infectious smile and a proclaimed master of the static hold, followers head to Jordan’s page to enjoy their workout.

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