Top 12 Gift Guide for Your Yoga-Obsessed Friend [Or You!]

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It’s no surprise how much we love yoga.

And with Yoga Lifestyles being a yoga/health/wellness company, we are always keeping our eyes peeled for the best products to enhance not just your yoga practice, but your lifestyle — be it on-the-go, eco-friendly, adventurous or all three!

These gifts aren’t just for the yogi in your life. This gift-guide is full of goodies that anyone could enjoy.

Our health/wellness guru Kim has done the dirty work researching the best yoga-related gifts with top reviews, at the cheapest prices. Here are our top 12!

Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments!


1. Yoga Mat Bag

Every good yogi whether amateur or daily-obsessed knows how important the quality of their Yoga mat is, but many skimp over the importance of making sure it’s easy to port around as well as keeping it clean. There are many colors and styles available, but we love the idea of sticking to the basics with these earthy color options that also include a large side pocket along with a zipper pocket for car keys and valuables.



2. Printed Leggings


Wearing all solid athletic clothing is definitely a thing of the past so printed leggings make a great gift for anyone regularly hitting the mat. Not only has the fabric materials become lightweight and baby soft over the years, but now we have a variety of cute and adorable patterns to choose from. Pair with any of these matching sleeveless tanks to fabulously complete this chic look.



3. Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp 


These lamps are a must-have in your abode, and they do so much more than add a soft glow to your room. Pink Himalayan Salt is known for it healing and calming benefis such as deoderizing air, neutralizing electromagnetic radiation (AKA the waves from our TVs, phones and other electronics that can disrupt our sleep cycle and damage cells in our body) and reducing anxiety to elevate your mood and help you unwind.



4. Mala Bead Chakra Bracelet

If you’re going to accessorize someone with a gift, there is not a more meaningful way to do that than with a beautiful string of beads called mala bracelets. They have historically been used as a tool during mediation and prayer and now they’re commonly used in the practice of yoga to create focus on one’s intentions. One of the most popular malas right now are Chakra bracelets. Each has seven beads to represent your seven chakras (aka energy centers in your body) and they’re made from authentic amethyst, lazurite, turqouise, green king stone, tiger’s eye, amber, red agate and lava beads.



5. Grow-Your-Own Herbs Kit


This is a game-changer for those who like the freshest herbs in their cooking. This kit has everything you need to grow your own fresh herbs that’s completely hassle-free. You can get all kinds of herb cartridge refills, this one comes included with basil that you can enjoy — and it’s eco-friendly!



6. Traveling Tea Tumbler 

The Yogi community seems to always be on the leading edge of all things trendy, so giving this tea tumbler as a gift will always be a huge hit. It has great versatility as it can be used as a water bottle, infused fruit detox drink or as a loose tea tumbler. We love how easy it is to utilize loose tea leaves and steep to perfection every single time.



7. Travel-Friendly Hammock to Hangout Anywhere! 

For the adventurers, explorers and festival-goers, this hammock is perfect for getting your chill on, just find two trees or any grounding structures and lounge in supsended bliss! When you’re done, just roll it up in the traveling pouch and stuff it in your bag with your essentials.



8. A Yoga Book 

There is absolutely nothing better than the experience of taking a Yoga class led by a fantastic instructor and being surrounded by like-minded people. However, it is helpful to have a great reference guide to learn about the history of Yoga, hundreds of poses as well as how to incorporate other mind-body connections. This is called The Yoga Bible for good reason.



9. Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray 

If you’ve practiced Yoga before, then you know that as soon as you lay down on your mat at the beginning of class, that is the moment you remember that – once again – you forgot to clean your Yoga mat. Having this uplifting lavender mint spray on hand is a great way to ensure you can relax and enjoy class as intended.



10. Yoga Wheel 

A Yoga wheel is the gateway to help your Yogi in achieving a comfortable backbend stretch along with deepened poses. These are also very valuable because they can alleviate pain and stress in the back, hips and shoulder area while also increasing flexibility and strength. This one even has unique pressure points to massage and help relieve pain!




11. Skid-free Yoga Mat Towel 

Nothing can derail your Yoga class more than slipping and sliding while working on progression during an advanced pose or holding steady as you breathe intentionally. Gifting a skidless Yoga mat towel is especially helpful for those that enjoy Bikram Yoga or other variations of hot Yoga. If possible, make sure it matches the giftee’s Yoga mat or give them a combo set.



12. Framed Quote 

The wise know that what you focus on, you get more of and surrounding yourself with positive people and quotes help keep the daily thoughts aligned with our higher purpose. Not only is this an inspirational gift that can uplift the mood instantly, it is a subtle way to remind the receiver that you support their commitment to a high quality, balanced and centered lifestyle. Get the coffee mug version here.




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