6 Best Essential Oils for Fall

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Fall has arrived, delivering shorter days, turning leaves and falling and air that is crisp and vibrant with the season’s scents. Fall is such a heartwarming time because it brings holiday memories and the promise of the New Year. Did you know that sense of smell triggers the strongest memories, and essential oils are an easy way to bring those warm holiday memories? Using essential oils can create the holiday spirit anywhere and are an excellent way to promote positive health and healing.

1. Lavender


When in doubt, use Lavender. It is considered a universal oil because it helps to balance the body and relax the spirit.  It has properties shown to help inflammation, asthma and other breathing problems, cold sores, ear aches, headaches, cramps, high blood pressure, and sleep problems. Lavender blended with Ylang Ylang brings an invigorating scent to help recover from a late night holiday get-together, which is always wonderful!

2. Cedarwood


Cedarwood has great calming effects, which is always good to use if you’re feeling stressed or having some anxiety over the holidays. It is also good for acne, coughs, and dandruff. Its soft, warm, woody scent will bring the outdoors into your home. Blended with Virginiana or Clary Sage oil to create the scent of an evergreen Christmas tree.

3. Virginiana


Virginiana is another great stress buster. It can also be used for arthritis, coughs, and as an insect repellant. Its scent is a fresh, balsamic, and woody, much like a cedar closet or chest that’s been closed up for some time.  Mix this with some Lavender to create the bright, outdoorsy smell of being in the forest.

4. Frankincense


Frankincense is another one always to have around because it has so many uses. It’s super for promoting the healing process, good for colds, headaches, high blood pressure, liver problems, and more. It helps to fight stress, depression and will give the immune system a nice boost.  The scent is associated with Christmas as one of the scents the three Wise Men carried. Frankincense lifts the spirits and will bring holiday memories.


5. Clary Sage


Clary Sage was nicknamed “clear eyes” in the Middle Ages for its ability to clear-up eye problems. It is also good for circulatory problems, kidney disorders, dry skin, and fights off depression. It has a spicy, Herbaceous, hay-like scent and goes great with a mix of Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang for a bright fall scent. It can also be blended with Lavender for a more sensual fall aroma.


6. Patchouli


Patchouli is used to fight off infection, colds, fevers, congestion and also relieves itching. Its scent is herbaceous, sweet balsamic, with woodsy undertones. It blends well with Clary Sage, Frankincense, Cedarwood, and Lavender to create a calming natural scent. It also promotes tranquility, which can be used to improve sleep.

Essential oils make bringing the scents of Fall and the holidays into your home easy.  Enjoy mixing and creating your own essential oil scents for your happy holiday memories.

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